Reason For CFO

I’ve been asked several time for the reason for CFO’s existence, thus this page:

Best Way To Use A PC
Best Way To Use A PC
  • I wanted to build a website on something as I liked computer programming way back in college.
  • When I internet searched “Cheese Forum” to find some info on a specific cheese, I couldn’t find a good Cheese Forum.
  • Someone said to me that “in China, if you are 1 in a 1,000, there are another million like you”.

So I put all 3 together and thought that there must be a lot of cheese lovers out there who have no where decent to go and chat.

Thus I built a basic website starting in January 2008 (steep organic learning curve as I had no one to ask how) using uploaded hard coded webpages using Microsoft Expression Web software and plugged in SMF Forum software, and made a few posts. Slowly people joined and started posting but to my surprise they mostly talked not about different cheeses but about making cheese, thus I tried making and like many others, caught the cheese making bug as well as the cheese loving bug.

In December 2010 I rebuilt the website that this page is on to the current Articles format using WordPress software.

Hope you enjoy . . . John, Webmaster, Article writer, & Forum member.