AUTHORING welcomes all Authors who wish to submit Articles for publishing here about cheese such as reviews, recipes, making procedures, cheesemongering, etc or similar artisan crafts such as bread, beer, wine making.

Not all submitted Articles will be printed, the webmaster has final decision on edits and publication of not.

There are three ways to be published on

CFO article editing screen.
CFO article editing screen.
  1. If you feel uncomfortable with computer software or don’t want to learn a new system then:
    • Set up a user account (can set up the same User ID and Password as CFO’s Forum if you already have an account there) so that I can publish your article under your name. The default user status is Subscriber.
    • Email your Article to the webmaster via the top menu About > Contact along with your User ID. Articles can be any any common format such as Microsoft Word.
    • Also email your separate full size picture files + notes on where in your article you wish them to appear + any caption to go beneath your pictures.
    • If fit for publishing I will then set up a draft webpage article and email the link back to you for review. Reply with any changes and I will update and resend link to draft. When you advise good, I will publish.
  2. If you are comfortable with computer systems and would like to learn a new one then and set up your own article then:
    • Set up a user account (can set up the same User ID and Password as CFO’s Forum if you already have an account there), default is Subscriber status.
    • Email contact the webmaster via top menu About > Contact or via PM in CFO’s Forum that you wish to change your User Account to Author status.
    • Once switched you can type or cut and paste your article (called a Post in this software) into the editor and upload your images and insert them into your article.
    • Once ready for publishing, click the upper right Publish button after which if required I will make any minor edits and contact you with reasons for edits or will publish.
    • While an understanding of HTML is helpful, it is not required as the article editing screen has a Visual WYSIWYG text mode in addition to a HTML mode accessable via tab button at top right of editing screen. Cleanup of picture location etc can be done by the webmaster.
    • For those conversant with HTML, please maintain the global style of CFO which is set in CFO’s Theme by using the default fonts, colours, etc and including captions under pictures, thank you.
  3. Some of the articles are generic and start with the word Wiki, i.e. “Wiki: Coagulation” and are built by several authors. If you wish to become a Wiki Article co-author then:
    • Email contact the webmaster via top menu About > Contact or via PM in CFO’s Forum with your User Name, for this you need to have established credibility in CFO’s Forum first.
    • While understanding of HTML is an asset it is not required as there is a WYSIWYG editor and I if you make a mess of the file then I can delete that version and role back to the previous, thus please join in!

General notes:

  1. The website articles software (WordPress) is separate from CFO’s Forum software (SMF) and thus you will require two separate User ID’s and passwords although they could be the same, sorry.
  2. Word the first ~ 30 words of your article as an introduction to your article as this is what will appear as an excerpt on the Homepage or Category Pages.
  3. Also on the excerpt pages there is normally a thumbnail image of a maximum height, which image to use for the thumbnail is set in the post edit page or by informing eth webmaster if you email in your pictures.
  4. Abuse of this system will result in being banned.

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