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    Cheesemongers @ Yucatan

    Queso Tipo Oaxaca From Frankly, Cancun Grocery Store, Yucatan, Mexico, December 2009.

    My family and I took a holiday to Yucatan, Mexico in December 2009, I thought these pictures would be of use to others in their Latin American cheese making. . . . → Read More: Cheesemongers @ Yucatan

    Cheesemongers @ The Hague, Netherlands

    Cheese Store #2, Store Front, Den Haag, Netherlands, March 2008

    While on work trip to The Netherlands in March 2008, I walked past two Dutch Cheesemongers and took these pictures, may be of interest to others. . . . → Read More: Cheesemongers @ The Hague, Netherlands

    Dried Meats @ Italy

    Grocery Store Dried Meats #2, Umbria, Italy, June 2009

    The attached pictures are of typical dried meats in corner grocery stores from when my family and I visited Italy in June, 2009. Thought others may enjoy and gets some artisan ideas. . . . → Read More: Dried Meats @ Italy

    Takeaway Pizza @ Italy

    June 2009 Pizza Store Takeaway Supper On Rooftop Patio, Rome, Italy

    The attached pictures are of pizza from some of the takeway Pizza Stores my family and I visited while in Italy in June, 2009. Just thoughts some may enjoy and gets some cooking ideas. . . . → Read More: Takeaway Pizza @ Italy