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    Wiki: Whey

    Whey Gravity Drained From Lactic Cheese Making in Cheesecloth Bag -

    This Wiki Article discusses whey, it provides a brief description, discusses storage issues, and includes a listing of whey uses. Whey, also called milk serum, is a large volume byproduct of cheese making . . . → Read More: Wiki: Whey

    Wiki: Ash

    Versaille, France, Open Air Market, Valencay.

    This Wiki Article discusses Ash (Cendré in French, Cenere in Italian) which is often used as a light rind coating or interior layer for France originated soft lactic acid cheeses to . . . → Read More: Wiki: Ash

    Wiki: Oil Types

    Several oils used on rinds to protect against moisture loss and against unwanted surface micro-organisms.

    This Wiki Article discusses different oil types use to oil rinds of aged cheeses. Oiling cheeses is, along with having a rind with high salt and low moisture, a traditional . . . → Read More: Wiki: Oil Types