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    Wiki: Manufactured Cultures

    Danisco's Choozit Product Line, MM100, 250 Dose Mesophilic Lactice Acid Producing Starter Culture -

    This wiki article is a listing of commercial manufactured freeze dried¬†individual or mixed cultures organized alphabetically¬†by culture type and including where available their contents, what they develop and their . . . → Read More: Wiki: Manufactured Cultures

    Wiki: Culture Manufacturers

    Danisco's Choozit Product Line, Geotrichum Candidum, 10 Dose -

    This article is a listing of commercial starter culture manufacturing companies, their base country and their starter and any other culture product lines. The companies names are clickable and linked . . . → Read More: Wiki: Culture Manufacturers

    Wiki: Starter Cultures Function

    Cultures are bacteria that are in the air, naturally in the milk (especially in unpasteurized) and intentionally added at the start of the cheese making process. They consume the milk’s lactose, producing lactic acid which makes the milk more acidic or sour and thus creating the best climate for the curd to form. . . . → Read More: Wiki: Starter Cultures Function