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    Wiki: Making Brine

    Cold household fridge stored saturated water based brine and water based brine ripening feta in plastic containers.

    This wiki article discusses making brine which is used in cheese making both temporarily bathing formed pressed cheeses for salting (examples are washed curd cheeses such as Gouda) or permanently brining . . . → Read More: Wiki: Making Brine

    Wiki: Salt Types

    US 1 Pound Rock Salt

    Chemically there are many types of salts, the ones used in cheese making are common household eating salt, a mineral composed primarily of Sodium Chloride (chemical abbreviation is NaCl) and . . . → Read More: Wiki: Salt Types

    Wiki: Salt’s Function

    US Made Morton Brand 25 Pound Non-Iodized Salt -

    Salt is an essential ingredient in cheese making. This article is about salt’s function in cheese making, primarily: Moisture control, rind formation, control of production of lactic acid, texture improver, . . . → Read More: Wiki: Salt’s Function