Heavy Sour Cream Making Recipe

This is a generic recipe for making Heavy Sour Cream. Historically Sour Cream has been made by letting cow’s milk cream sour naturally by leaving it at room temperature to enable the natural bacteria in it to multiply and thicken the cream and create the tangy flavor. This is not feasible with store bought pasteurized cream as the natural bacteria count in the cream is significantly lower.

Note, store bought commercial Sour Cream is after being made, frequently re-pasteurized to give it it’s long shelf life, thus it cannot be used as a starter.

This recipe makes a heavier/thicker Sour Cream than the Light Sour Cream recipe as is has a combined higher fat content.

Ingredients – Metric

Makes 0.75 liter of Heavy Sour Cream:

  • 0.25 liter heavy pasteurized cow’s cream.
  • 0.375 liter whole cow’s milk.
  • 0.125 liter cultured buttermilk.

Ingredients – American

Makes 3 cups of Heavy Sour Cream:

  • 1 cup heavy pasteurized cow’s cream.
  • 1.5 cups whole cow’s milk.
  • 0.5 cup cultured buttermilk.


  1. Place ingredients outside fridge for 1-2 hours to allow them to reach room temperature.
  2. Combine ingredients in a food grade container, stir.
  3. Cover and place in warm household area for ~12-24 hours until thickened to desired consistency (ie custard like, thick enough to cling to spoon).
  4. Use as required, store in household fridge, will keep up to 1 month.


Tricks & Traps

  • Ripening time will be longer for cooler and shorter for warmer room & fridge temperature environments.
  • Sour Cream will continue to thicken/ripen while in fridge.