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    Wiki: Acids

    Table Vinegars For Direct Acidification & Coagulation -

    In general, three forms of coagulation are popular in making cheese, rennet coagulation, starter culture lactic acid coagulation, and direct acid coagulation. This article¬†discuses different popular food grade acids . . . → Read More: Wiki: Acids

    Wiki: Acidfication

    Generally, cheesemaking starts with acidification. This is the lowering of the pH (increasing acid content) of the milk, making it more acidic. Classically, this process is performed by bacteria. Bacteria feed on the lactose in milk and produce lactic acid as a waste product. . . . → Read More: Wiki: Acidfication

    Wiki: pH Meters

    Battery Digital pH Meter From eBay USA -

    pH is a measurement of acidity – alkalinity with 7 being neutral. Generally the early stages of cheese making require acidification of the milk so that it coagulates resulting is removal of whey. Thus knowing the pH of the milk when start and when this stage is complete is important for obtaining a better resultant cheese. . . . → Read More: Wiki: pH Meters

    Wiki: Lactic Acid Mozzarella Cheese Making Recipe

    This is a generic recipe for making Mozzarella using a thermophilic starter culture. Italian in origin, famed for its use in North American style pizza. Categorized as a fresh cheese . . . → Read More: Wiki: Lactic Acid Mozzarella Cheese Making Recipe