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    Wiki: Hoops & Molds

    Home Made 4 in, 103 mm Drilled PVC Hoop, Wooden Follower With Cheesecloth Wrap, & Improvised Weights -

    Small (Saint Marcellin etc) Cylindrical Gravity Draining Baskets, 350w x 325d inch, 90w x 82d mm – CheeseForum.orgThis Wiki Article discusses various hoops and molds used in cheese making. . . . → Read More: Wiki: Hoops & Molds

    Wiki: Pressing Cheeses

    Two 1.5-2 kg final cheese weight Kadova brand Gouda shaped pressing molds with formed mesh nets and mesh lined followers.

    This article discusses pressing cheeses which is primarily performed on rennet coagulated lower moisture content aged cheeses after curds are prepared, (steps dependent on cheese type being made). Many cheeses . . . → Read More: Wiki: Pressing Cheeses