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    Wiki: Surface Defects, Mold

    Two 4 pound Gouda's with Canola oiled rinds, one with blue surface mold, second after brush and water cleaning.

    Surface mold defects of cheese are normally cheese type dependent. Molds are common micro-organisms and some are intentionally used in cheese making for their effect on texture and flavour such as white . . . → Read More: Wiki: Surface Defects, Mold

    Wiki: Surface Defects, Oily

    This Wiki article discusses surface normally unwanted oily defects of cheese. Note that oily rinds is a common side product in Swiss type cheese making where those cheeses are held at room . . . → Read More: Wiki: Surface Defects, Oily

    Wiki: Surface Defects, Cracks

    1 lb Gouda, Surface Stress Cracks After Rapid Surface Dehydration From Aging In Dry Household Fridge One Night -

    Surface crack type defects of cheese can be many and are cheese type dependent. This article explores the common surface crack defects, their common causes and solutions, sorted by root . . . → Read More: Wiki: Surface Defects, Cracks