Wiki: Body Defects, Plasticity

Body poor plasticity (stretchability) defects are primarily an issue for Pasta Filata (pulled) type cheeses such as Mozzarella and Washed Curd type cheeses such as Gouda and Edam. This article discusses a description and causes and solutions organized by root cause.


  • Cheese will not stretch, has low plasticity.

Incorrect pH


  • Acidity level was not within 5.0-5.2 range.


  • For current make, if acidity level is too low (pH > 5.2), then if direct acidifying, add more acid (i.e. acetic or citric), if acidifying via lactic acid producing starter culture, then ripen the curd longer.
  • For future makes, if acidity level was too high (pH < 5.0), then if direct acidifying, reduce amount of acid, if acidifying via starter culture then shorten the ripening time of the curd.