Wiki: Culture Manufacturers

This article is a listing of commercial starter culture manufacturing companies, their base country and their starter and any other culture product lines. The companies names are clickable and linked to their companies web homepage.


Danisco's Choozit Product Line, Geotrichum Candidum, 10 Dose -
Danisco's Choozit Product Line, Geotrichum Candidum, 10 Dose -
  • Canada based company.
  • Website in English, French, & Spanish.

CHR Hansen

  • Denmark based global company.
  • Mostly commercial size cultures, except in Brazil where package retail sized portions.

CSK Food Enrichment BV

  • Leeuwarden Netherlands based global food dairy ingredients company.
  • Ceska-star cheese cultures product line.
  • Flavour Wheel cultures product line.
  • Dairy Safe cultures product line.
  • Opti Strain cultures product line.

Danisco A/S

  • Denmark based global company.
  • CHOOZIT cheese cultures product line.
  • YO-MIX yogurt cultures product line.
  • Products in freeze-dried, frozen or liquid culture forms and in Direct Vat Inoculation (DVI) or in Bulk Starter (BS) formats.

DSM Food Specialties

  • Division of Netherlands based global Royal DSM N.V. company.
  • Animal based rennet, Fermentation Produced Chymosin (FPC), & Fromase® microbial coagulant derived from fermentation of the fungus Rhizomucor miehei product line.
  • Delvo line of cheese cultures.
  • Piccantase® animal and Piccantase® R non-animal based Lipase product line.
  • Plastic and wax cheese coatings product line.
  • Delvocid® mould prevention product line.

Rhodia Food

  • Rhodia Inc was a France based global chemicals company with a food additives division. The dairy cultures section was bought by Danisco A/S in 2004.
  • EZAL cheese cultures product line.
  • EZAL labeled products still available as of 2009, thus assume Danisco is still producing Rhodia cheese culture product line, (hate to assume Cheese Making Supply Stores are selling very old stock).