Wiki: Surface Defects, Oily

This Wiki article discusses surface normally unwanted oily defects of cheese. Note that oily rinds is a common side product in Swiss type cheese making where those cheeses are held at room temperature for part of their riping to create the eyes in the cheese. Oily rinds are normally associated with rennet coagulated pressed cheeses but can appear on other cheeses types. This article discusses the description, cause (normally ripening at excessive temperature), and solutions to oily surfaced cheeses.


  • Surface layer of cheese has small beads of oil on it.


  • The most common cause is cheese is being ripened at too warm a temperature or fat content of milk is high and milk fat is seeping or sweating out which if left unattended can result in contamination.


  • Wash rind with warm water to remove excess oil and age at cooler temperature.