Author Topic: Rennet Coagulated peppered Cheddar ageing question, just removed from the press!  (Read 1441 times)

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I just finished making my 2nd ever cheese and it was wrapped up in some cheese cloth in the press.  I have removed it from the press with the cheese cloth still on, and it is drying in the fridge on the drying mat.

Is cold fridge drying the best way to do this, or should I dry it in the air? Also should I leave the cheese cloth on it for protection, or take it off to allow a bit of rind to develop before waxing?

It has been in the fridge for about 36 hours now and it doesn't seem to be drying out too well.

Advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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I'm certainly not an expert, but I'm pretty sure you want to remove the cheese cloth.  Whether you should dry it at room temperature or cooler, I've done both and I'm not sure exactly what the consequence of each has been.
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Also should I leave the cheese cloth on it for protection

it doesn't seem to be drying out too well.
Protection from what?

Because it has the moist cloth in place, the cheese rind can't dry properly. Take it off. Unless your room temperature is high, the cheese should dry outside the cave/fridge.

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