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Caerphilly-1st Make
« on: September 12, 2012, 11:14:55 AM »
Thanks to JeffHamm for the inspiration as well as the recipe for making this! 

Jeff Hamm’s recipe Adapted
1.5 gallons non-homogenized (pasteurized at 145F for 30 minutes) grass fed, organic  milk
¼  tsp 50% CaCl.
1/16th tsp c101
1/16th  tsp MD89
1/8th  cup buttermilk
¼ tsp single strength veal rennet diluted in ¼ cup water

1)   Warm to 90F, Add cultures (pH=6.7) time: 8:35 AM
2)   Ripen 60 min (target time: 9:35) Actual time: 9:41    pH=6.5
3)   add calcium chloride (diluted)
4)   Time: 9:46   Temp: 91.2F, add rennet  and stir for 2 minutes
5)   Floc time: 10 min    3x floc so wait: 36 min   (40 min by recipe) Target cut time: 10:30
6)   Time: 10:40    Cut into ¼ inch cubes.  The curd is fair
7)   Rest 10 minutes to heal (start 10:45  -10:50; Whey  pH 6.2 )
8)   Raise temp to 93 over 10 minutes  (reached 93 at:10:56, starting temp was 91.2, overshot the mark at 96.8F)
9)   Stir for 40 min with curds at 93F (Start time: 10:58) The curd is in good condition, holding shape and form as stirred. Pitch and drain after 5 minutes rest
10)   11:51   drain in cheese cloth for 5-10 minutes to form curd cake (press lightly if necessary; ie 2 litre milk jug filled with water placed on top of follower on top of cheese cloth “bag” of curds in colander) pH 6.1
11)   12:00 cut into 1 inch slices, stacked (in the pot; in sink with warm water)
12)   Flipped stack every  10 minutes over 30 minutes (so flip at 12:20 and  12:30 )
13)   Milled into thumbnail size bits (start: 12:40)
14)   Added 1.5 tbls of salt
15)   Pressing in the pot under 22 Lbs (10:05-1:15). (10 minutes; warm water in sink)
16)   Flip, salt, and re-dress 
17)   Press in the pot under 35 Lbs  (1:15-2:15) (10 minutes…but I cut the grass in the front yard lol)
18)   Flip, salt, and re-dress
19)   Press in the pot under 50 Lbs (20 min) (2:15- 2:45)
20)   Flip, salt, and re-dress
21)   Press overnight  under 70 Lbs. (starting at 3:00 PM)  Flipped and put back under press at 10:00 PM

This is where I am at now...just removed it from the mold and it's sitting out taking an air bath   :)

I didn't manage to get a smooth rind, so I will have to work on that process....apparently didnt get sufficient heat to the curds during pressing. However, the smell is heavenly and I have been getting tastes from the "trimmings" (had a little squeeze out during the heavier pressing) and it's pretty yummy right now...can't wait to try it after about 4 weeks!

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Re: Caerphilly-1st Make
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2012, 01:05:10 PM »
The make looks to have gone really well!  When I mill I just tear up the curds with my hands, while you've cut it with a knife.  I wonder if that could affect how it knits when it's pressed?  I also pack curds in, and press a bit with my hands as I fill the mould, to get as much as I can into all the cracks and crevices.  Anyway, air dry it for 4 or 5 days, then into the cave with it.  Cut it in 3 to 4 weeks.  You can age a piece for longer if you want to find an optimum time for you.  Or just make another. :)

Well done.

- Jeff
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Re: Caerphilly-1st Make
« Reply #2 on: September 12, 2012, 02:41:33 PM »
Ah!  Thanks for the advice! It did go rather well...there was one heart attack moment when just after adding heat my digital thermometer, for some reason, read 101F! but then I stirred it (thinking HOLY COW! how did that happen so fast!) and the temp dropped back down to 94F...At the settings I use to add heat slowly there was just about no way except for a faulty burner, which wasnt the case.

Smells great and tastes great for such a young cheese!