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Nabulsi Cheese
« on: October 20, 2012, 08:02:31 PM »
Hi Guys,
New to this forum!  Looks like an awesome resource :D
I'm 28 year old Middle Eastern gent with very fond memories of eating Nabulsi cheese whilst living in Jordan....
Whilst being faint...the melty/stretchy properties and beautiful smell of Mahlab & Mastic as well as the crunch of black cumin have me salivating on thought alone.
I've seen some spatterings of info about the process of making this cheese, one in particular looks fairly legit (linked below), however doesnt talk about how to add the flavour of mahlab/mastic into the cheese:

From my little reading and understanding it seems these spices are added when the cheese is boiled in brine, but i was hoping someone (preferably Middle Eastern)  who has eaten this stuff back home and knows how to make it? or knows someone who's given them a recipe could help out!

I've just made my first ever cheese last week....Paneer, albeit comically simple process, I'm keen to do it again!