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This is only in lactic and semi-lactic types (up to ~3 ml 200 IMCU enzyme per 100 lbs milk). UP is terrible for full enzyme-induced gel (rennet add at 6.2+ pH of 7 ml+ 200 IMCU/100 lbs milk). Chemistry is different.

Oh sure. I have tried, as an experiment, to make hard cheese with UP milk and suffice to say, the result was very bad. I guess I had never considered that UP could work for cheeses which form via a difference chemical mode.
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I'm so glad you finally got good results.  When I make lactic cheese  in the winter, I place my pot of cultured milk in a sink of warm water to give it a bit of a boost, as the basement where I make cheese is pretty cool.  Also, the curd is pretty delicate and I learned that it is better to not cut the curd, but rather to use a skimmer to gently scoop it out of the kettle and into the cloth-lined colander.  That way, the curd doesn't break up so much.

Keep up the adventure!