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graviera 1
« on: November 24, 2012, 02:36:39 PM »
I made a Graviera using the recipe in 200EHC on 14th September.
4l Peel Valley Gold top, 2l Ivyhome organic skim, 2l Pauls goat (all pasteurised, not homogenised) average fat 3.6%
160gr Thermo C frozen culture
1/4 tspn CaCl
1ml DS calf rennet.
Heat to 32oC (overshot the target to 33.1), added culture., ripened 10 min.
Added CaCl and rennet, diluted. Flocc. at 14 minutes, multipler 2.5
Cut into large pieces, waited 5 minutes, used whisk to reduce to rice grain size. Waited 5 minutes.
heated to 46oC over 1 hr, stirring.
Waited 5 minutes, drained off whey.
Pressed under whey 4.6kg one hour, redessed, pressed 9.2kg 2 hrs, redressed, pressed 16.5kg 6 hours.
Brined 10 hours.
Weight after drying off 874g.
Maturing in minicave in wine fridge which is not behaving well, temp. fluctuating more than I would like. Rubbing over with a cloth dampened with light brine.
After a month I had to leave it to its own devices for almost 3 weeks, and the result was as in the first picture below - yuck! Scrubbed with a dry brush then washed with light brine and it came up pretty well (2nd picture below). However, since then one surface has started to bulge, as you can see in the 3rd picture - the other surface is quite flat. Theres a slight give in the bulge. Could it be contamination? I'm thinking to vacuum it and give it some more time, but would welcome any comments.