Author Topic: Hatching a wine-washed camembert variant plan  (Read 641 times)

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Hatching a wine-washed camembert variant plan
« on: November 21, 2013, 03:42:30 PM »
One of the cheeses I enjoyed eating while in Europe was Coeur de Lion's Pie d'Angloy (which translates rather delightfully as "The feet of the Englishman!).

The cheese is described here: as a luxuriously rich and creamy cheese, somewhat like a camembert but washed with wine, with a nutty, honey flavour. You can't buy it in Oz so I'd like to try to replicate it. But I've not yet made so much as a camembert before.

CdL's Camembert comes in at 21.2% fat. Their Pie d'Angloys is posted as having 29.7% fat. So I'm thinking if I make a cream-added camembert recipe with S. thermophilus and perhaps a bit of Flora danica, use the normal amount of white mould and perhaps the tiniest touch of geo, then wash with white wine (and maybe a bit of honey?) once the mould has bloomed, I might be making a good start.

Thoughts/ comments?