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Chilipepper's Cheese #017 - Manchego
« on: February 16, 2009, 09:24:10 PM »
2/15/09 - Manchego made pretty much like the recipe John posted here: Manchego Recipe

Used 3 gallons whole past. store bought milk.  Cultures used were MM100 and TA61 (1/2 tsp each) and ripened for 45 minutes. Lipase M3 (1/4 tsp) and CaCL2 (1/2 tsp) were added just prior to 3/4 tsp liquid veggie rennet.    Attained a really nice set after 45 minutes. Cut into 1/2 inch cubes and rested for 5 minutes before cutting to rice size with whisk.

Heated slowly to 104 degrees over 90 minutes (not sure why so long that is just what it took - water bath temps were too low obviously).  Rested at 104 for 5 minutes before draining and pressing.

Pressing was done in 4 inch mold.  Pressed 3 times at 15 minute intervals and 15 lbs. Lastly at 30 lbs for 10 hours (overnight).  I removed the pressure and realized my brine was not good so I kept the cheese in the mold with no pressure and made up a new brine.  Once cool (6 hours later), I brined for 6 hours in cool saturated brine and now is air drying.

Whisk cut curd

Curd draining briefly before pressing

In press

Out of press before brine

Out of brine and drying

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Re: Chilipepper's Cheese #017 - Manchego
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One day I'll get there... :D and with this forum with its wealth of could i go wrong :D