Author Topic: pH meter cleaning/maintenence, aka a day in the life of a pH meter  (Read 1159 times)

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Just recently got a pH meter, the Extech PH100. The instructions seem a bit lacking, especially as is particular to cheesemaking. How do you folks tend to go about regular use with it? Specifically, what do you do for cleaning in between testings (including calibration)? Just a rinse in (distilled) water and wipe it dry? Is that enough to remove any residue that would otherwise effect the pH reading? It seems like I can get widely varying readings even testing from one buffer solution to the other and back again. Do you just place the buffer solutions (for calibrating) in the plastic vial or dish? Always dump and refill (I presume yes)?
Is water enough after testing milk/whey/curd, or should I use soapy water and/or something like contact lens cleaner (per a suggestion in another post)?

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