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For Sale: Premium Ph Meter
« on: February 05, 2013, 09:44:30 PM »
Hello all,
About a year or so ago I took the plunge and purchased a really nice Ph meter to use for making cheese and salami... Unfortunately I got busy with work and never got around to using it.  Having worked in a biochem lab, I value good equipment and unfortunately, with cheese and meat, you can't get around spending some money if you want consistent results.  The error variance on cheap meters is enough that you could get entirely different products using the same Ph markers. (See Pics and description below)

I paid almost $300 with shipping from Germany for this Lutron Ph-212... Wow do things change.  I guess they have come out with newer models so the Ph-212 is only $160 or so with shipping to the US.

If someone wants it, I'll sell it for $130 including shipping.  This also saves you about a 3 week wait.  If you are interested or have questions, please contact me at



This food pH meter PH-212 was developed for a direct measurement of the pH value in agricultural products (meat, sausage, sausages, cheese, wine, fruit juices etc.). This is the only available PH meter with a real penetration probe. So you can easily test the quality of food.

In the provided carrying case all accessories can be transported. The exchangeable penetration electrode has an integrated temperature sensor for the automatic temperature equalizing (ATC) and a measuring accuracy of +/-0.07pH is usual. For the usage you do not need further expendables material such as test stripes or test liquids. The equipment has a waterproof front and an integrated “HOLD function”. For the calibration of the equipment 2 calibration solutions (ph4 and ph7) are contained.

Scope of supply:
Carrying case
Digital PH-Meter with penetration probe
2 bottles calibration liquid ph4 und ph7
Certification and trimmer

The day we receive our payment the gauge is dispatched. We need 2-4 days for delieveries to europe.

Professional handling
You automatically receive a note of payment and a dispatch for the ordered articles. Each delievery is attached a bill with proven VAT.

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Technical details:
Measuring range :    
0.00 to 14.00pH
Measuring error:    
Power supply :    
Battery 9V
Automatic Temperature Compensation:    
0°C – 50° ATC
CE EN 50081-1 and EN 50082-1