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Reinventing the wheels, comments and assistance please
« on: February 17, 2013, 02:37:44 PM »
Morbier used to be made from leftover Comte curds, yes?
We are hoping to try to 'reinvent' just such a symbiotic cheese make, and beg comments and help please, the story so far follows:

I am a self taught cheesemaker who has long-lurked on this list. I am approved by my Environmental Health authority and sell a tiny amount of hand-made cheese by mail order. One of my customers is a Chef (whose pub/restaurant has a Michelin Star) and is interested in cheese making. We cooked up the following plan, which is to , Part 1 - rediscover/reinvent a Morbier that is from  (Part 2) - the leftovers from batch of a harder cheese. Something that could be used in his restaurant as a grating cheese.

On Wednesday night, 13th Feb, we tried out the first experiment for Part 1, the Morbier alone: Strategy to make a Comte type curd  (But no Proprionic Shermanii),  a minimal floc time, 2.5,  and perhaps (?) less pressing weight and with a slow scald. Idea is that when we also make the hard, grating cheese that it will just be pressed harder/longer (??)

Initial Other Questions: but please pile in with comments and advice, we're flying blind here….
1 Thought the floc was a bit long, isn't Raw Milk supposed to be fast? More rennet next time perhaps?
2. How long to age for?
3. Do you think we used too little ash?
4. Do you think the pressing weight was too heavy for a Morbier?
5. Haven't washed it yet. All suggestions for a washing regime welcome (especially if pressed under too much weight). At 3 days, the centre looks white and feels moist compared with the outside (see photo)

Saw this link after we made the Morbier. Is this a method we should try?,10909.0.html

Thanks and sorry this is SO long and convoluted! Hoping photos are attached.

Recipe (that hopefully can be used for harder cheese too):

3.4 litres Raw Milk, 5.2% fat, 3% protein (from Chew Moos Farm)
Dash (1/8th) Tsp. Danisco Choozit Alp D  - (Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis, Lactococcus lactis supsp. cremoris, Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis biovar diacetylactis, Streptococcus thermophilus, Lactobacillus helveticus, Lactobacillus lactis)
15 drops Rennet (rate of .23 ml per litre -From CHR Hansen's Grana recipe)

Make Ash out of Hay
Calibrate pH Meter
Starting pH 6.63
Heat to 30 Degrees C
Rennet added @ 30 mins, pH 6.56 (trying for .1 drop)
14 minutes till Floc, Multiplier 2.5,  wait 35 mins
Cut 1 inch, rest 5 mins
Cut curd to 3/8ths inch with whisk. Slowly raise temp to 38 over 20 mins, stirring gently by hand, breaking up large curds
Slowly raise temp to 43 degrees over 20 minutes
Stir till pH 6.1 vicinity (was 6.15 after 10 minutes)
Pour off Whey
Divide curd into two parts, place in large squares of Butter Muslin, form two bags and twist to remove more whey
Place Muslin and curd ball in moulds and press flat by hand
Dab Ash on one half
Place other half on top
Press 3 lbs for 1 hour
Press under 10 kilos (22.5 lbs) 4 hours
Turn and press under 10 kilos overnight

Next day, dry Salt ½ tsp one side, wait 4 hours, then same other side. Into Digital Cave (see photo) 9 deg C, 88% humid)
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