Author Topic: Caerphilly 1 and 2 this weekend  (Read 756 times)

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Caerphilly 1 and 2 this weekend
« on: May 26, 2013, 06:13:40 PM »
Jumped in and tried a couple of Caerphilly this weekend, great fun!  I used a combination of things I had read here and other sites, along with a lot of notes and infor from JeffHamm, thank you sir!  Here are the notes on the first one, both were made following pretty much the same notes.  I have reduced the amount of renett since starting to use Cream Top milk.  Noticealbe differance in the process with this milk, have to wait and see if my results are as good as they look.

Caerphilly #1      05-24-13
Mix of notes on Cheese Forum and Little Green Cheese website information
Salting curd, no brine   , 12 min Floc (sweet spot) 10-15 minutes is ideal, using a3X floc factor
2 gal. Trader Joe’s Cream Top Milk
¼ tsp mesophillic starter
¼ tsp Buttermilk Starter (New England Cheese Supply)
Scant ½ tsp CaCl
2 ml liquid animal rennet (New England Cheese Supply)
2 tablespoons salt
1)   Heat milk to 90 deg F.  Bath initially set to 100 deg.
2)   Added cultures and hydrated for 5 mins.  Stirred in for I minute and then let ripen for 1 hour.
3)   Added CaCl and stirred for 1 minute.  Added 2 ml rennet, stirred for 1 min. to incorporate
4)   Floc time was 10 minutes (a bit short, less rennet next time) 10 X 3 factor = 30 minutes total rennet time.  Pretty thick at this point, hard to tell if bowl is resisting movement.  Hopefully less rennet with cure this next time.
5)   Cut curd to ½ inch, then allowed to rest for 5 minutes.
6)   Heated curd to 95 degrees over 10 minute time frame, stirring slowly to now break up curd too much (thanks for that tip Jeff!)
7)   Allowed to sit still for 5 minutes, drained for 5 minutes in colander with muslin.
8)   Sliced into 1 inch slices, stacked in one corner of pot and tilted the pot inside the double boiler with curd slabs on upper side.  Allowed to drain for 30 minutes, turning the slab over every 15 minutes, per Jeff’s tips.
9)   Milled the curd to about thumbnail size pieces, added the salt and mixed well.
10)   Lined a 4.5 inch mold with cheesecloth, spooned in curd and pressed per the below.
10 min. @ 0.72 psi = 10 pounds
20 min. @ 1.08 psi = 15 pounds
20 min. @ 1.79 psi = 30 pounds
9 hours @ 2.53 psi = 40 pounds
Thanks to Jeff for the above psi values, I was able to convert them to my 4.5 inch mold from the chart that came with my Dutch Press.
The knit looks very good so I just wiped it dry and put it in the cave.  I will wait for it to dry a bit and then put some Olive Oil on it to help keep the rind moist.  I will post some pics when I figure out how.  Thanks to everyone on the forum for all your tips too.

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Re: Caerphilly 1 and 2 this weekend
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2013, 09:37:20 PM »
That looks very good, well done.  A cheese to you.  Don't forget to post your tasting notes when you try it!

- Jeff
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