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Why Join, Joining Instructions, & Your First Post
« on: February 27, 2009, 08:03:06 AM »
Hello and welcome to's Forum! If you're reading this, why don't you join to:
  • Gain access to our Members only Library Board with books, book reviews, and brochures on Cheese and Yogurt Making.
  • Gain access to our Members only Lounge Board where we talk about other stuff.
  • Participate as it's way more fun than just reading!

  • To join, just mouse click on register in the top left area of Forum's Homepage,the forum software will then ask you for your choice of a Username, Password, and your Email Address to send you a confirmation email with link that you must click to enable your new account. (Note, I sometimes switch this auto-approve feature off and have to manually approve you if we are having problems with spammers or trolls).
  • Your Username is not upper-lower case sensitive, your Password is. Your Name visible to others can be different from your Username, so if you registered with a favorite cryptic Username like qrszapp123, please choose a user friendly Name (or your true name) that the other Members can see and call you by (rather than forcing us all to call you qrszapp123)! See below for changing your Name and other changes to your Profile.
  • Lastly, please fill in your Location on your Forum Profile screen (from top left Menu go Profile > Forum Profile) as it makes it easier for other members to understand your posts and respond (ie saying easy to buy at in USA is no use to someone in Kazakhstan).

There is a FAQs Board, the most useful ones for new members are:

  • Please read and follow the Forum Etiquette and Best Practices
  • There is a Help Feature to this forum accessible anytime via the Forum's Menu Help Button at top left of your screen.
  • My name is John and I am your host/webmaster. I post in the forum as Webmaster for administrative posts and as John (Cheese Head) as I also am interested in cheese and cheese making ;D.

After you join, why not make your first post an introduction about yourself in our Introductions Board and tell us:
  • Your name and location (Country, area and town if want; please don't just say Fairview or Midway as there are 100's of them around the world ;)). . .
  • What you interests are with cheese (ie eating, making, selling etc) and any other interests you have . . .
  • Any questions / needs related to cheese that we could help you with . . .
  • Anything else . . .

Again welcome to's Forum!