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Creamy Jack
« on: August 28, 2013, 08:16:05 PM »
I posted a question earlier about the pH in this make due to the high measurement. I am pretty sure the pH meter was working since when I put it back in the calibration fluids it gave the proper reading. So I do not understand why the addition of the cream to the milk would have changed the initial pH reading to 7.0. During the cooking of the curd, the pH followed the expected path. I was also surprised that adding 1 pt of cream to the make would increase the weight on the final product by 6 to 8 ounces over the usual weight on a 2 gallon make! It is a big cheese!

“Just Jack” Cheese (Karlin and Dixon)

2 gallons pasteurized non-homogenized whole milk
1 pint heavy cream (not ultra-pasteurized)
¼ tsp MA4001
¼ tsp calcium chloride in ¼ cup water
1.7 ml single strength calf rennet in ¼ cup water
1 Tblsp salt
Flocculation multiplier 3.5
Targets pH: Rennet 6.5, drain/salt 5.9-6.0, final 5.1- 5.2
Target temps:  Starter at 88- 90 degrees, Cooking 102 degrees, Cooling to 86 degrees

12:30:  Milk at 89 degrees. Added culture and let rehydrate 5 mins then stirred in. Let ripen at temperature 90 mins per Dixon. Measured pH at 7.0??  Cleaned and re-calibrated and now 6.9. I have no idea why the pH was so high.
2:15:  T=90. pH 6.8. Stirred in calcium, waited 5 mins
2:20 Stirred in rennet. Flocculation at 9 mins, with multiplier of 3.5 so 31.5 mins total.
Clean break at 35 mins. Cut curds 1/2 inch and rested 5 mins.  Gently stirred and brought temp back up to 88.
Began heating curd, stirring and temperature raising to 95 degrees over 20 mins,  pH 6.6
3:50: Heating to 102 degrees over 15 mins. Measured pH now at 6.5
4:25:  Hold at 102 degrees for additional 45 mins of stirring. At the end the curd was very springy and squeaky, and the pH was 6.1
Rested curd about 7 min (suggested time was 15 mins)
Drained whey off curds, then added cool water to slow the pH drop and cool the curd to 86 degrees. Stirred 5 mins.
Drained off remaining whey. Small amount of whey coming off measured at 5.8 (a little low, the target was 5.9 t 6.0)  Mixed in salt and scooped the curds into the form with cheesecloth.
5:15: Pressed with 27 # for 60 mins.
6:15:  Flipped and redressed, pressing at 45 #, pH 5.4. Sure is sticking to the cheesecloth.
7:30:  Flipped and redressed, pressing at 72 #, pH 5.2 Carefully unwrapping due to the sticking.
8:30:  Flipped and redressed, pressing at 93 #, pH 5.2
9:30:  Flipped and back in the form naked!!  Less than 10# for pressing, and pH 5.1. Planning on leaving it all night just like that.
6:00 AM:   Into cave. Weight 2# 8 oz.

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Re: Creamy Jack
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2013, 05:16:17 PM »
That little bit of cream makes a big difference in the cheese too. I've made it with and without and tasted them and it's amazing how much creaminess it adds to it.

The wheel looks good, you seem to have a good knit.