Author Topic: 3 Bottles of 50mg Natap Ultrapure Natamycin  (Read 929 times)

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3 Bottles of 50mg Natap Ultrapure Natamycin
« on: August 18, 2013, 03:07:45 PM »
Hi, it is my first time posting. One of my relatives came from Russia and stayed with me for some time and was into making delicious home cheeses. She, however, had to leave and go back to tend to her ailing mother, but left 3 unopened bottles of 50mg Natamycin ultrapure powder made by Handaryin in Belgium. They were always stored in cool area and not exposed to light. She also just bought it in the last several months so it is not like the bottles have been sitting for a while. They are not opened and I have absolutely no use for it, so I figured I try and sell it. I figured $35 should be a good price for 3 bottles. If not please make me an offer if you are interested. Will ship from Las Vegas, NV using expedited shipping to get it out of the hot Vegas weather as soon as possible.

Here is  the picture of the bottles:

If interested please contact me at