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Hybrid Mozzarella !!
« on: July 29, 2013, 06:41:21 PM »
The tomatoes and basil are ripe, and I really wanted to make a soft mozzarella for a nice salad. I am happy to report that I was much closer this time! The end result could be sliced, but was very tender and much nicer than the grating mozzarella that has been my result each time I have tried a traditional make.
I was surprised by how fast coagulation occurred. I am sure it was because of the pH being 6.1.
Start to finish this took about 4 hours. Much more manageable than the up to 10 hours with the traditional version!
Flavor was very good!!

Mozzarella # 5 Hybrid Type (Caldwell)

1 gallon pasteurized, non homogenized cream top milk (in 2 parts)
¼ tsp MA4001
3/8 tsp citric acid (in ¼ cup water)
1.2 ml veal rennet (in ¼ cup water)
1 generous teaspoons salt (dissolved in 2 quart of reserved whey)
target for cultured milk 6.2, target for acidified milk 6.0, target of combined milk for adding rennet  6.1, target to stretch 5.1 – 5.3

*Milk was separated into 2 containers with ½ gallon each. One pan was left on counter, the other was placed on the stove, raising temp to 96 degrees. Stirred in starter after it rehydrated for 5 mins. Held at temp. Target for this container was 6.2. It took about 1.5 hours to reach target.
*When the target was close in the cultured batch, citric acid was added to the other ½ gallon. First ¼ tsp. Target ph was 6.0, so I added a bit more to attain this goal.
*Milks were combined, and brought up to temperature target of 92 degrees. Measured pH at 6.1.
*Rennet stirred in, and I floated a cup on top. Missed flocculation. It happened in about 3 mins. (Next time less rennet!!)
*Cutting the curd is estimated at 30 mins in Caldwell’s book. Flocculation was so fast, that at 20 mins I went ahead and cut the curd at one inch. She suggests 3/8 inch, but I really wanted a soft cheese.
*Gently stirred, and heated to 115 degrees, taking about 40 mins. I measured the pH at 5.3 and decided I better move it along….
*Drained curd, reserving whey in another pot, and started heating it right away.
* Tested a bit of curd in the hot whey with excellent stretch !
* Added salt to whey, and poured over the curd in container, letting it heat for a couple of minutes. Used a spoon to gather curd together in a very soft and stretching mass. It really wanted to just stretch on its own, and was a bit hard to hold!
* Stretched curd until it was smooth and shiny, then gathered it into 2 logs and placed in chilled water.
** Success**