Author Topic: The evolution of the home cheese vat: 2013-2014 EDITION  (Read 1772 times)

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The evolution of the home cheese vat: 2013-2014 EDITION
« on: September 07, 2013, 09:25:07 PM »
This site has been around for a while now. We've all shared our thoughts, ideas and DIY creations over the years.

The first home vats were simple stock pot setups in a double boiler. A lot of us still use this method.

Then came the PID controllers and the many variations temp controllers brought. This is where our DIY posters stood out!

Now sous-vide is becoming more affordable and better controlled with circulators.

Today I found that Induction cookers such as this one - are becoming more and more "precise temperature" controllable (up to 2C increments)... Almost cheese vat worthy (give it another year)

Pretty soon, technology will take out the DIY aspect of our hobby. I don't mind it. It's makes us more consistent in everything VAT related when making cheese.

The home VAT will evolve by 2014 IMO. We'll see more sous-vide circulators and induction cookers within the year.

So why am I posting this? How about we share our findings here! New, more precise kitchen appliances come out regularly. If we spot one that would improve on VAT temps, convenience and more precise controls, then post it here  :)