Author Topic: not sure what i made  (Read 692 times)

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not sure what i made
« on: September 26, 2013, 12:09:01 PM »
did some havarti a few months ago, 4 wheels around 1-2lb each.  put in cave, inside ripening box.  mat underneath.   they got moldy, very moldy.   i washed them for a while then just let em go.  figured they were lost causes but left them in the cave to see what happens.   

got them out today, cut off the ick and oh my.  one is nasty--but one almost has a smokey flavor.  the other 2, from the same box, are so creamy.  the middle is oozy, the paste of the whole thing is very moist.   

what is this?   i wrapped them in wax paper and put in reg. fridge to stop them aging any more, and waiting to see if i get sick eating what i have.   all my stuff is made from raw goat milk.   why did it go runny?  and am i taking risks eating it??

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Re: not sure what i made
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2013, 08:48:33 AM »
Can you paste a picture of what they look like?