Author Topic: Dulelife's not so Fast Double Gloucester - DG No.2 (raw - P/H mixed milk)  (Read 980 times)

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Dulcelife’s not so fast Double Gloucester

This week’s make is part II of my Fast Double Gloucester experiment. I have posted this one as a separate thread for those not interested in following my off the wall frankencheese experiments and only interested in seeing what the 200 Easy DG recipe turns out when using raw and P/H milk mix.

Part I can be found here:,9945.0.html   This Double Gloucester serves as the  basis for comparison for my Fast Double Gloucester and was made following  the recipe in 200 Easy… whereas the first "fast" make was made based on a long pre-ripening of the milk and Thermo B as a adjunct to see if a tasty DG can be had at 30 days.  Again thanks to Pav and DThelmers for inspiration to play around.

3/8th tsp. MM100
100 Drops Annatto in ½ cup distilled water
½ tsp. Calcium Chloride
¾ tsp. Single Strength veal rennet
3 tbs. Cheese flake salt.

July 14, 2012
12:34pm: Inoculate pH 6.74 – 90F milk with 3/8th tsp. MM100.
12:41pm: Stir down, ripen 1 hour.
01:46pm: PH 6.69
01:49pm: Add and stir down Annatto, wait 15 minutes.
02:04pm: PH 6.66
02: 05pm: Add and stir down Calcium Chloride, wait 5 minutes.
02:10pm: Stir down ¾ tsp. rennet, start timer, float cup.
02:30pm: Flocculation in 9 minutes x 3.5 = 31 minutes = 02:41pm curd cut.
02:41pm: Check for clean break; No-Go wait a 5 minutes.
02:47pm: Clean break; start curd cut to ¼ inch cubes.
02:52pm: Finished curd cut, let rest 5 minutes.
02:58pm: Stir gently for 15 minutes.
03:05pm: PH 6.49
03:12pm: Increase temperature (cook), curd to 99F over 45 minutes.
03:33pm: PH 6.38
03:57pm: Hold at temperature 15 minutes.
04:13pm: PH 6.29, Drain whey.
04:20pm: Return to warmed vat and hand press to expel whey. Hold for 15 minutes.
04:37pm: Drain expelled whey, flip curd cake.  Hold for 15 minutes.  Temp. 104F
04:52pm: Cut curd mass in four and pile.  Hold for 15 minutes.
05:08pm: Flip curd pile. Holed for 15 minutes.
05:24pm: Milled curds to 1 x ½ inch, added 3 tbs. flake salt and tossed.
05:47pm: First pressing at about 50 lbs. or approximately 2 psi or 30 minutes.
06:25pm: Redress, return to pressing at about 75 lbs. or 3 psi for 60 minutes.
07:00pm: Redress, return to press at 100 lbs. or 4.34 psi until PH 5.2
08:43pm: PH 5.28

July 15, 2012
12:17am: PH 5.16, unmolded and set out to dry, flipping twice daily.

Yield:  2 lb. 0.6 oz. and 2 lb. 4.6 oz. = 4 lb. 4.6 oz.
Yield: is pretty much the same as the Fast.

10:00am: Placed into cave at 52F  and 60%rH, flipping twice daily.

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Sweet photo essay. Nice to see the camera's working well.  :)

Let's ferment something!
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Nice...but how much milk did you use? thanks

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A cheese for your nice cheddaring pics.  Just realized your post is almost 2yrs. old though (which goes to show cheeses never die but just get better with age  :)).  One thing it does demonstrate the advantage that the full-size steam table pan gives when stacking / cheddaring as it gives a lot of room for the whey to drain away.