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Slightly aged crottin
« on: January 19, 2014, 05:24:03 PM »
The make:

750 ml P, non-H goat's milk
100 ml goat's milk yoghurt
1 skewer tip (about 1/64 tsp) MM101
1 grain (pinch) Flora Danica
1 skewer tip (about 1/64 teaspoon) Geo

8 December, 2013: Raised milk to 25C. Mixed cultures in well, added two drops of rennet, wrapped in a towel and allowed to set overnight, covered and wrapped, until the curds settled under the whey (pic 1)
9 December, 2013: Drained in a bag fr 24 hours
10 December 2013: put in forms, sprinkled with salt.
11 December: flipped, salted, unmoulded
12 December: onto board and into cave.

Aged in cave 21 days, flipping daily, then into a vacuum bag for a little further aging. Yesterday for lunch I decided it was time to crack this open to try: just the right size for lunch for one.

Just before the holidays, I'd bought and tried an imported French crottin and liked the flavour immensely (pics 2 and 3) so I was looking forward to seeing how mine stood up. My crottin was quite firm from its open aging, with less of a translucent layer beneath than the bought cheese. I attribute this to the fact that it was aging while the cave humidity was a bit below that optimal. There was a pleasing acidity and a fairly assertive goat flavour. I like that, but others may not, so I may age these for only a fortnight before sealing next time.

Still. Goes with a little glass of something sparkling for a special lunch.  ;)