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Chaource redirected
« on: January 07, 2014, 05:46:33 AM »
My daughter spotted it in the kitchen and asked "What's that?", so I told her "Pear cheese."
"Pear cheese. It was going to be a Chaource but it went pear-shaped."

I started out with Iratherfly's Chaource recipe, with a couple of modifications:
   - I used rather more rennet than suggested. (Possibly mistake no.1?)
   - I used PC without PLA or Geo, which I didn't have. (Mistake no.2?)
The white mould appeared as expected but after about 7 days, slip skin started on the sides. After a few more days I decided that drastic action was needed and scraped off the surface and resprayed with PC to restart the surface mould.
The PC did not reappear but the surface became rather tacky and slimy.
One cheese I decided to air dry and see what happened if it formed a rind. The other two I tried to innoculate with B Linenes using a commercial washed rind cheese. This has not worked. The BL did not take and I have started drying the surfaces of those two as well.
I opened the first cheese today and the result was not too bad. A strong tasting, crumbly cheese: quite salty and very tangy. I think it will serve well as a grating cheese for Italian or Mexican style food, so at least I have salvaged something from it.
I would be interested to hear what others think about how my errors would have affected the outcome and what would have produced the tacky surface and repressed the establishment of BL and PC.

- Andrew