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DVS Culture - small batches
« on: February 28, 2014, 10:05:08 AM »
Due to the difficulties to buy cultures for small batches, we have to buy the DVS packets for a minimum of 500 liters (5UC)
We dilute the quantities for 500 liters an  1 (one) liter of UHT milk and freeze as ice blocks of 20 ml each.
Until now I only made Manchego cheese using 01 block of each culture ( Meso and Termo) for 18 liters of milk.
As I am having access to cow and goat raw milk I am planning to make other cheeses.
As most of the recipes of the forum mention tsp of powder culture, I would like to know from someone that use the DVS culture how can I adapt the recipe numbers to the system of ice blocks I use.
Another question: What happens if I use more culture than the stated in the recipe?