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For Sale: Goat dairy facility
« on: February 13, 2014, 08:28:48 AM »
For Sale: Goat dairy facility

Located in NE Pennsylvania, my 30’ by 15’ three room goat dairy facility is for sale.  The Amish built building was transported by trailer in 2010 and was professionally divided into 3 rooms: milking room, milk storage and wash room, and larger cheese make room with candy stove and commercial fridge temperature-controlled for aging cheeses.  The two latter rooms are plumbed for and include large double sinks with hot and cold running water.  The facility was designed as a small State-approved dairy which never came to pass.  Original cost of facility with all stainless-steel equipment was over $30,000. 

I am retiring from goat herding and cheese making and would be happy to sell the whole facility and equipment for $15,000.  Purchaser would be responsible for transporting it.  Alternatively, I would donate the facility to any interested non-profit organization with the provision that it would take responsibility for transport.

Please respond to Tim Liveright at 570-265-0796 or