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Late Lactation moisture management
« on: March 09, 2014, 08:02:40 AM »
In Peter Dixon's chapter in Paul Kindstedt's American Farmstead Cheese, he provides a table that breaks the lactation season down to early, mid and late lactation.  He characterizes late lactation as high milk solids, so therefore a lower moisture content - and to even out the moisture content across the lactation periods, he recommends, for late lactation, going with larger cut size, shorter cooking period, and a slightly lower cook temp (presumably to speed up acid production, to match the shorter cooking period).

Later in the same chapter, Peter characterizes late lactation as problematic - a very soft curd, poor whey drainage, slow acidification - all leading to higher-than-normal moisture content on a given cheese.  Presumably, one would want to do things to drive out this excess moisture, if making the same cheese across seasons, or simply make a different cheese, better suited to the period. 

These two paragraph's approaches seem to me, anyway, to be in contradiction.  Have I missed something or otherwise gotten something wrong? Can someone advise - thoughts?

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