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Cheddar - 4 gallon
« on: June 07, 2014, 01:15:35 PM »
My third time using the Avantco warmer, now with the PC controller for the water bath! And my first chance to use the PC curd harp! I cannot even express how nice it was to see those lovely cubes of curd!! The make was pretty much following the Caldwell directions for cheddar, and was very much like the prior cheddar I made (not yet opened). It took a bit long for the milk to come up to temp however, making perhaps a too long ripening period with pH a bit low on renneting. But curd was very nice at end of cooking time, with target pH and curd nice and squeaky with a good grip. Cheddaring may have gone a bit long with difficulty measuring pH. Curd was a bit sour(acidic), and firm though pH was on target as far as I could tell. End product was nicely knit, very firm cheese, weight of 3# 5oz, with a bit of trim from cheese having pH of 5.1. Into the cave with the controller keeping temp near 55 degrees!!

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