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Caerphilly # 5
« on: October 01, 2012, 10:44:25 PM »
Cheese # 32:  Caerphilly # 5

Time for Caerphilly again, trying to re-stock the cheese cave. I stuck to the same recipe as the past 2 times I have made it, and the make was pretty predictable. I calibrated the thermometer, and cleaned and calibrated the pH meter before starting. The primary difference was the length of time for the curd to seem ready for draining. I think perhaps the inconsistent stirring might have influenced the slow pH drop and the quality of the curd: It did not feel like it wanted to mat or seem to have the "squeaky" quality I was looking for until 90 mins at temperature. The other difference is that the cheese weight was about 3 to 4 ounces more than I am used to with this milk.

2 gallons non-homogenized pasteurized whole milk (cream top from Trader Joe's)  6.7 pH
¼ tsp Flora Danica
¼ tsp calcium chloride in ¼ cup water
1.75 ml Mad Millie's calf rennet in ¼ cup water
2 T salt
 Flocculation multiplier  3.5
pH targets:  6.5 rennet, 6.4 drain, 6.1 milling

12:00  Began heating milk over very low direct heat with diffuser in heavy bottom pan.
1:00  Temperature raised to 86 degrees. Culture sprinkled on, resting 5 mins, then stirred in, covered, with 60 mins resting at temperature. (pH 6.6, T = 86)
2:10  Calcium chloride stirred in, then rennet.
Flocculation time of 14.5 mins. (3.5 x 14.5 = about 50 mins) Clean break at about 52 mins.
3:05  Curd cut to about 3/8 inch, resting 10 mins, then gently lifted to break larger pieces which were not adequately cut.
3:18  Started raising temp to 90 degrees
3:35  At temperature…  pH 6.5
4:55  pH finally 6.4 and curd squeaky.  Curd was maintained at 90 degrees for about 90 mins while stirring gently, and occasionally. I did not stir continuously because I was trying to multi-task.
Recipe suggested 40 mins, but curd did not seem squeaky and did not quite feel like I thought it should.
5:00  Drained into cheesecloth bag, resting for about 10 mins.
5:15  Cut into 1 inch slices, turned, rested 10 mins and repeated 2 more times. (30 mins total) while keeping warm, whey pH measured at 6.3.
6:00  Curd was milled, and salt added.
6:05  Into form, with follower, and 10 # in pan so keeping warm, for 20 mins.
6:30  Into press, with 20 # for 30 mins, whey pH 5.9,
7:00  Redressed, sprinkled with salt, and back into press with 30 # for 60 mins
8:00  Redressed, sprinkling with salt and into press with 55 # for 2.5 hours
10:30  Out of press on counter, whey pH at 5.5, weight 2# 4oz