Author Topic: Camembert - Strength & Flavour  (Read 1970 times)

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Camembert - Strength & Flavour
« on: April 04, 2009, 07:52:15 PM »

Can anyone explain to me how you can make a camembert have a stronger flavour or a milder flavour?

Does the amount of white mould you add change the strength?

How about the type of milk used?


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Re: Camembert - Strength & Flavour
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2009, 12:04:47 PM »

My understanding is that flavour is very much age and mold related. When I first wanted to make them I researched them and built this recipe that I've since updated with my learning's and some excellent advice from fellow member here FineWino. See the final Consuming section of that recipe for some info on flavour and age. I'm out of my depth on molds so anyone please feel free to correct me, but my understanding is that the two most common molds used in Camemberts are Penicillum candidum and Geotrichum candidum and that there are many variations or subspecies of each of these molds, with different resulting flavour and strength of flavour. For example I have listed retail ones that I have found such as  Danisco Choozit brand Penicillum candidum Choozit Geotrichum candidum's that I have found.

Lastly, I suspect like all milks, different milks yield different flavours.