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How to edit your FORUM PROFILE . . .
« on: May 31, 2008, 01:26:08 PM »
When logged on to this forum and you click on the top Menu's Profile button, it takes you to your Profile Info > Summary screen. From here there are several submenu pages of options down the left side menu. Commonly used/changed ones by users are (don't forget to click button at bottom right to confirm your changes!):

Modify Profile > Account Settings
  • USERNAME: This is what you logon on with, normally you don't change this, but there is a change button if you really want to.
  • NAME: This is name that is displayed to other users at left side of your posts, if you change it, it will be retroactive and change all the posts you've ever made.
  • PREFERRED LANGUAGE: For changing the language of the forum program (not contents-posts) you see. Default is English, contact webmaster if your language is not available.
  • EMAIL: If want, you can update your address here.
  • PASSWORD: If want, you can change your logon password here.

Modify Profile > Forum Profile
  • PICTURE: This is the image, often called an avatar, that is displayed below your Usename on posts, you can choose from one available through this forum or from something off the web or off your PC. It does not have to be a picture of you.
  • PERSONAL TEXT: This is a short text line that is displayed just below your Image/Avatar on left side of posts.
  • BIRTHDATE: If you enter one, the forum software displays your name & birthdate at bottom for other users to see, and also when other users click on your username to find out more about you.
  • LOCATION: If you want to tell other users where in the world you are, for example London, England; The Moon; Houston, Texas etc, other users can only see this if they click on your username to find out more about you.
  • CUSTOM TITLE: A short text line that is displayed just below your Username and above your Image/Avatar, examples are Cheese God/Goddess, Cheese Maker Newbie, Cheese Lover etc.
  • SIGNATURE: This text etc is displayed at bottom of each of your posts or personal messages.
  • WEBSITE TITLE & URL: If you have a website that you want other Users to see when they click on your Usename to find out more about you.

Look and Layout
  • TIME FORMAT: For changing style of time and date displayed, ie month-day-year or day-month-year etc
  • TIME OFFSET: The forum is set to GMT, this is for setting number of hours offset your location is to GMT so that your time is displayd correctly.
  • TOPIC TO DISPLAY PER PAGE: Default is 20 then you have to go to second page etc, you can switch to higher and thus longer pages to view.

This page of options is for setting you notifications when people post after you in a thread. This is useful to see if someone answers a question you have posted or if you are interested in a specific discussion thread.
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