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« on: December 23, 2016, 10:15:48 PM »
I'm looking for advice from any skyr makers.  I discovered it a couple weeks ago but feel like I'm still in the experimental stage.  For one, I've been making it without rennet with good results.  Research on-line gave me results for both with and without.  So I've basically been following my normal yogurt routine with Siggi's plain as my starter then reusing my own as the next starter.  Our impression is that the skyr, after I drain it to about the consistency of Greek yogurt,  tastes/feels lighter.  My father in law even commented it looked foamy.  But about 5 batches in, I'm starting to wonder if it is migrating toward Greek yogurt in texture.  Am I selecting for the regular yogurt bacteria?  I'm culturing about 8 hours at about 100 degrees (after heating to about 185 and cooling).  Does Skyr like a cooler temperature?  Our house is 68 and I tried a batch at that and 15 hours later it was still liquid.  Or maybe I'm just imagining that it was ever different from yogurt to start with!  What recipes have you all had luck with?  Point me to a previous thread if I missed an earlier discussion.