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I have never really liked American style Swiss cheese all that much, but I have a little Swiss in my family history so I wanted to try this style of cheese. For the most part I used the "baby swiss" recipe off located here. However, I am never one to use a recipe exactly so I did my best to fudge it up by putting a veritable smorgasbord of cultures in this poor cheese. There is likely a microbial war of epic proportions going on! Anywhoo, this is the biggest cheese I have made so far and it was a lot of fun (6 gallons of milk, 3 raw 3 P&H, weight of 6lb 9oz). I am really looking forward to the aging process with this one as I have never done a Propionic make before. Everyone keep your fingers crossed.

Looks good so far, Jobe. Did you brine it or dry-salt it?

I may have referenced this topic previously, but I feel it bears repeating: posted pics don't have to be the full resolution coming out of today's cameras. Shrinking pics still permits the viewer to enjoy the picture clearly with the added benefit of quicker pic loading/displaying. A resolution of 1024x768, for example, provides adequate clarity. For those few pics where the poster feels added resolution would help tell the story, then a larger pic might be warranted. A)



--- Quote from: Boofer on April 19, 2017, 12:09:44 PM ---Looks good so far, Jobe. Did you brine it or dry-salt it?

--- End quote ---
Thanks. I did a heavy brine for 2.5 hrs per pound as per the recipe. In regards to image size, I never even thought about it and will shrink future images down for ease of loading.

After two weeks of time in 55F 85% humidity, I am now beginning the warm phase. Everyone cheer on my little P. shermanii buddies as they try and make holes in this cheese.

Jobe, what is the temperature where the cheese is in the warm phase? FWIW, when I set my swiss styles out on in the room where my cheese cave is (around 72-75° air temperature), I don't get any swelling that I can tell. But if I put them up on top of the refrigerator in the kitchen, it swells up significantly. I'm not sure what the temperature up there is - it doesn't feel overly warm, and I keep forgetting to put a thermometer up there to check - but there is some warmth coming up from the coils of the fridge, and clearly it is enough warmer to make a significant difference.


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