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« on: June 17, 2017, 06:29:35 PM »
A local manufacturer, the Alexandrina Cheese Company, make a very nice Pepato which I quite enjoy, so I decided to try something similar.
The make was based on the recipe from New England Cheesemaking with the addition of some lipase and went as follows:
· 8 L milk (6L B&D full cream, P=3.3%, F=3.5%; 2L B&D low fat, P=3.8%, F=1.5%; P:F=1.1:1)
· ¼ tsp (3 dashes) Italian & Swiss thermophilic culture.
· 1/14 tsp (pinch) lipase dissolved in 30ml water
· 2.5ml CaCl2 in 50 ml water
· 1.8 ml 200 ICMU animal rennet in 40 ml water
· 1 tbsp black peppercorns, roughly cracked (Not all used in the end)

Simmer peppercorns in a little water for 5 minutes. Reserve the water to add to the milk before renneting.
Milk is  heated to 37C and culture added
Stirred in lipase
Ripened for 60 min.
Stir in calcium chloride and pepper water. Rested 5min.
Stir in rennet.
Flocculation time = 7.5 min. x 2.5 = 19 min coagulation time.
Cut the curd into 1.5 cm squares and then let rest 5 min.
Stir slowly for 10 min. with a whisk.
Raise the temp, with stirring, to 47C over 30 min.
Maintain this temp for 20 min with stirring.
Transfer to a lined mould in layers with the peppercorns sprinkled evenly through but kept away from the outside.
Keep forms @ 32-38C during pressing with 8 lbs for first hour
Increase to 1.6 PSI for 7 hrs. (Still kept warm)
Unwrapped and left in mould overnight without weight. (Target pH = 5.2)
Brine for  8 hours.

It is currently in the brine.

- Andrew