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Making a Nice 4 pound Emmental

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Al Lewis:
Trying to fill the cave and decided on making a 4 pound Emmental.  I used the same recipe as the 7 pound one I did a while back but used 1/2 of everything.  Why 1/2? Well when I made the 7 pound one it took 8 gallons of milk and this one took 4.  Anyway, here's a shot of the cheese after pressing. 

Al Lewis:
Out of the press and straight into a 54°F, 18% saturated, brine.  The hockey puck is to keep the top of the cheese submerged.  It still floats with it on there.  So how do you keep it at 54°F.  Simple, put it into your cheese cave.  Mine, by the way, is finally starting to look healthy again.  Still have a ways to go to fill it.  Maybe 6 or so more wheels.

Oh yes that looks much better li'll buddy ;)

How long will you brine it, Al?  Did you ever figure out how much PS to add? Seems like there was a trend at one time to keep adding more PS to get bigger eyes/holes.

Yeah, an alpine has been tugging at my sleeve for a while now. Which will it be...Maasdam, Goutaler, Emmental? Haven't done one in quite some time now.

By the way, I was always envious of that tall cave you've got. I mitigated it a bit when I got my freezerless Danby not so long ago. Pretty cool. :D


Tim Sumrall:
Emmental makes me drool. Good luck!


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