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Brining Twice
« on: November 13, 2017, 10:46:53 AM »

I wasn't able to make cheese last year so have been itching to get back to it this season, and thought I'd start with a Gouda.

Really enjoyed the make, everything going well with all the pH markers hit, took it out the press, put it on the scale and found out i'd only made a 1.25kg cheese instead of the 3kg one I was expecting to make.

I can't explain why I didn't trust my instincts and double check the weight on another scale.  :( The rennet was out of date so I assumed that was the cause.

So I calculated an 11 hour brining and set it away. Then it has been happily drying off over the last few days and looking really nice!

Today we used the same scales to weigh something else and found out they are destined for the scrap heap, they are reading around 40% of reality!

So the initial happy feeling that I'd made a good yield was quickly followed by the realisation that I'd rather under salted it!

It's back in the brine right now.

I've worked out that another 11 hours would be about right (it was a bit warm the first time I brined it so it probably absorbed a bit more than expected).

Does doing a second brining sound like the right thing to do? Then get it out and let it dry again? I don't know how fast the salt gradient settles down from a brining or even if it has any bearing on doing this.

Any thoughts appreciated.
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