Author Topic: Cacino Ubriaco Picture @ Pienza, Tuscany, Italy Formaggio Store  (Read 1987 times)

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While recently on holiday in Italy, I took several pictures of cheeses in stores and at markets including this one of Cacino Ubriaco's in store of small hilltop fortress town called Pienza, in Tuscany.

I've never heard of Cacino Ubriaco before, found only one hit on internet, looks like wine soaked.

Anyone know anymore please let me know.

Click on picture to get full size image, all the cheese pictures from Pienza stores posted on website.

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Re: Cacino Ubriaco Picture @ Pienza, Tuscany, Italy Formaggio Store
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This has been translated from Italian so it may look funny.

Cacino ubriaco of Toscana
- translates to - Drunk Cacino of Tuscany

This sweet cheese is produced with latte of entire sheep, carried to a temperature of 38-40°C, comes stirred for half hour, joins to natural rennet in powder (a called time “presura”), lets to rest for half hour, then with the spino the curd is broken off and it is put in the stamps.

Stew in the room to vapor to 38-40°C comes for approximately 3-4 hours and salato by hand. The forms are put to mature in aces of fir wood come washed and rigirate every three days, the hard stagionatura approximately 90 days.

To this point the small forms come estates dipped in Abrupt the red wine “of the Barbels” for a week. This treatment, besides to confer a detail vinato taste, ago to assume to the forms, a beautiful red color porpora. The slices introduce with a beautiful yellow color gold. Ingredients: latte ovine pasteurized, rennet, knows them, lactic ferments us and… Abrupt of the Barbels.

Suggestions: Optimal accompanied from carciofi morellini in pinzimonio and optimal the Abrupt one of the Barbels.

Confection: Formine gives approximately 450 g.

Hope this helps I may try making this  there is enough info to translate