Author Topic: finding rennet, citric acid and other cheese making supplies in Collin county  (Read 6277 times)

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I'm new to the cheese forum and new to cheese making. I live in Celina, TX, which is in NW Collin county. Where can I find liquid rennet and citric acid in Collin county? Other cheese making supplies would be great too.

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Hi Kathryn and welcome to this forum.

I'm in Katy on west side of Houston. Cheese makings supplies are sadly in this modern era not sold at many stores. That said I did find some Malaka brand liquid rennet in the second Whole Foods store I went to. I suspect for that you'll have to drive in to Dallas.

Luckily there is the internet and most of the members buy from webstores, there is a listing here. there is a new Suppliers Board for reviews of them but not much there yet. If you search the Forum on a suppliers name from it's homepage you should get quit a few hits.

As you haven't made cheese before there is a sticky post here with recommendations, even with out rennet you can still make some cheeses!

Hope helps, John.

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Welcome aboard Kathryn.