Author Topic: Coagulation, Rennet - Flocculation Time Method Discussion (& Rennet Pre-Dilution Amount Discussion)  (Read 6666 times)

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Hey to All out there,
Im from Bombay India and unfortunately we do not get cheese making ingredients ,like just off the shelf-Ive had to import mine from the US as well as Australia.
But have made some wonderful cheese,cheddar,cheddar with jalapenos,feta,white cheese with black pepper and olives.made a cheese with two distinct flavours and colours in one block.I used two containers one with annato colouring and the other plain white.One was flavoured with sun dried tomatoes and Lipase and the other was olives and chilli.Combined them in the press one on top of the other and finally got a two coloured two flavoured cheese.Awesome.
Made 5 litres each of the two types and got a total weight of 1.5 kg's.CHEESE
My method- warm the 5 litres milk indirectly to 86-88 F add the mesophillic or thermophillic(depending on the cheese and the temperatures ) starter directly to the milk and stir in with a big flattish spoon with holes for maybe a 2-3 minutes.
Leave for 45 minutes for acid formation add the Caco3 at a quarter of a spoon( We get powdered calcium chloride here) in 50 ml of clean water stir and add to the milk whisk in and add your annatto colouring(if u want to???) in the same way as the caco3 and mix thoroughly in the milk.
Add 1/4 the microbial rennet tablet or 1/2 a junket rennet tablet to clean unchlorinated 60 ml of water in a fresh cup mix thoroughly until dissolved in the water.After it has dissolved completely add to the milk stirring with the same broad faced spoon with holes.Stir for 2 minutes maximum in all different motions.The temperature should be at least above 86 F. Whilst stirring the milk should not begin to coagulate if it does either the acidity is higher or you have used more rennet.The rennet should start working a few minutes after the stirring.
Leave covered,undisturbed-no shaking at all,no peeping at intervals and jostling the dish.It takes me 1.30 minutes with microbial rennet and 2 hours for junket rennet.
I get a perfect break -