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Cheese Cloth - Bags
« on: June 27, 2008, 08:10:03 AM »
When ordering my Cheese Cave freezer thermostat from, I also ordered 2 small fine mesh beer making hop bags for USD4 each to see if I could use them as a better mold liner for pressing cheeses. This was because using a cheesecloth sheet, even a thin fine one because it is a sheet has folds up the sides that leave lines in the side of the pressed cheeses. The taller the cheese, the worse the cloth bunches up. OK it's just appearances, but using a purpose built bag sized to the mold would be ideal.

See pictures below, they are definitely fine enough to hold curds without extruding with whey. But even the smallest one is too big for my 4" diameter PVC molds and too small for my 6" PVC mold. Not perfect but I think better than a sheet of fine cheesecloth!
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