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Lactic Acid Coagulated - Penicillium candidum Board
« on: November 06, 2009, 05:40:35 AM »
This Board is for Members who are interested in or interested in making primarily Lactic Acid Coagulated cheeses that primarily use Penicillium candidum as as an mold/aroma culture. The sister board to this one is the primarily Rennet Coagulated - Penicillium candidum Board which is more for Camembert's, Brie's, Coulommiers' etc.

These are cheeses that primarily use a lactic starter culture for a long time period to develop a low pH and create a light curd set. Primarily as a small amount of another coagulant can be added such as rennet although normally at a lower temperature than rennet requires to form a curd and at a significantly smaller amount than used in rennet coagulated cheeses. More information can be found here.

Also, these cheeses primarily use Penicillium candidum (white mold) and often use other molds as an aid such as Geotrichum candidum.

Commonly these cheeses originated from France where there are 100's. Some of the more popular ones are:
  • Boursault
  • Chaource
  • Chèvre-Boîte
  • Crottin
  • (French style) Neufchâtel
  • Pouligny-Saint-Pierre
  • Saint-Marcellin
  • Sainte-Maure
  • Selles-sur-Cher
  • Valençay